About Us

I’m Tom McFate, founder of Route301.org and a lifelong fan of Route 301. It runs from Delaware to Florida and until I-95 was established, 301 was the fastest, most direct and least expensive roadway along the Eastern Coast. I am providing this website to promote Route 301 and influence car travelers to try it over I-95 so they might experience the enjoyment I do along the historic highway.
Ever since 1956 I have been a frequent traveler of Route 301 and with each trip I experience something new about America. Growing up in Pennsylvania, my family would take our winter vacations in sunny Florida and make the long drive along Route 301 every year. The drive was a highlight of the trip because each time we experienced the unexpected as well as our traditional stops. The new sensations I experienced during those trips remain with me today - sweet orange blossoms, the fresh smell of a Carolina pine forest in springtime, delicate Spanish moss, red Georgia dirt, cotton-topped field crops, piping hot hush puppies and smoky barbeque, and people who looked and spoke differently than those in my home town, just to name a few.

"Travel on Route 301 is still a family affair after 52 years. My sister and I, with our mother, in 1960 on the left, and the two of us again in 2012. We've changed over the years, but Route 301 is a constant!"

Unfortunately, today most drivers default to I-95 for long distance travel, not realizing that by choosing the major highway they are losing an opportunity to make their drive just as interesting and relaxing as their destination. Route 301 offers historic sites, oddball attractions, old-fashioned lunch counters, preserved small towns, nonstop visuals, loads of Americana culture, and a connection with real people living their daily lives – all this without compromising much speed or distance.

I wish to revive the classic “road trip” vacation of days past and hope this website intrigues younger generations to experience America town by town rather than airport by airport. And, as a thank you to the small towns that have hosted me over the decades, I hope to increase travelers and commerce for all the Route 301 locations that have been hurt by I-95’s popularity.

My mission for Route301.org will be better achieved with your involvement. In this site, I provide advantages of Route 301 over I-95, suggest sites and stops, and share photos. Join my cause and share your own advantages, trip ideas and photos so we can build a more thorough, diverse and interesting reference source for travelers. I’d like to hear from you!

About the Founder
Tom McFate is a retired cartographer from Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia who now resides in Florida. He enjoys bicycling, photography, kayaking, planning daytrips, boat model building, and discovering unusual sites, both natural and man-made.